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An Overview of Beauty for Life By Dr. Richard D’Amico

December 13, 2011

Sponsored by the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery and the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, Beauty for Life serves as a powerful online resource for patients, helping them create a plan to look and feel their best at every age. Found online at, the organization helps interested people create their own personalized plan and work with their plastic surgeon to select the appropriate procedures. With a strong focus on lifelong well-being and beauty, Beauty for Life emphasizes long-term positive choices in plastic surgery and other procedures, rather than short-term plans.


In addition to providing assistance in formulating a plan, Beauty for Life can help patients find the right surgeon, matching them with an experienced physician who has the proper certifications and education to provide high-quality treatment. To help patients ensure their own safety, Beauty for Life offers suggestions to help them choose a surgeon, including some important questions to ask, certifications to look for, and questions to consider personally. These detailed preparatory materials can help people feel comfortable with their doctors and their procedures as they move toward attaining lifelong beauty.


For those patients who have begun planning their surgery, the website contains a wide range of information about safety and costs, including detailed information about average fees for surgery. Although procedure fees can vary widely depending on the physician, the patient, and the location, Beauty for Life offers individuals valuable insight into average costs around the United States. This section covers a number of less-invasive procedures as well as a full range of surgical procedures.


Accomplished plastic surgeon Dr. Richard D’Amico worked as Co-Chair of the Cosmetic Medicine Task Force to develop Beauty for Life. With 30 years of experience in reconstructive and plastic surgery, Dr. D’Amico maintains his practice in Englewood, New Jersey.