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Dr. Richard D’Amico Discusses the Unique CoolSculpting Procedure

November 29, 2011

Persons looking for a nonsurgical body sculpting solution finally possess an option with ZELTIQ’s CoolSculpting technology, which offers noninvasive contouring. CoolSculpting provides individuals with a number of benefits, including the elimination of anesthesia and dedicated recovery time. The painless procedure requires little time yet effectively targets problematic fatty deposits. Good candidates for the procedure are those who regularly exercise and maintain a healthy diet but continue to struggle with stubborn fatty areas, including the abdomen, upper back, hips, and sides of the torso. Although the procedure does not treat larger areas of fat, it allows many patients to reclaim their bodies and achieve their ideal appearance. In general, CoolSculpting removes between 22 and 25 percent of fat in a given area.

The CoolSculpting procedure selectively cools fat cells while protecting the body’s surrounding tissues. This cooling kills the cells and triggers the body’s natural removal process. Since surrounding tissue remains unharmed, the procedure causes little discomfort and eliminates any need for a recovery period. Each area of treatment demands about one hour and some patients may benefit from an additional treatment several months after the first. Patients immediately return to their normal lives and generally experience only mild swelling and numbness in the treated areas. These side effects subside in about 20 minutes, or even less. Since the body must dispose of the dead fat cells, the results gradually reveal themselves over a period of about three months.

Before choosing to undergo the CoolSculpting procedure, potential patients should speak with me about their exact expectations. Together, we can form a comprehensive treatment plan that will help the patient reach those goals. While CoolSculpting has assisted a number of patients, not all prove ideal candidates. Some may benefit more from lipoplasty procedures. For more information about the CoolSculpting device, individuals should visit or contact my office at (201) 399-4268.

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Possessing more than two decades of experience, Dr. Richard D’Amico has become one of the most respected plastic surgeons in New Jersey. Throughout his career, he has appeared on several television and radio programs and previously served as the President of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. Through his private practice in Englewood, New Jersey, Dr. Richard D’Amico provides a full range of cosmetic procedures, from dermal fillers to advanced body contouring procedures.